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Are Razer peripherals worth it?

  • 4 October 2021
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In a few weeks, I'm going to buy my first gaming pc. I would like a mouse and keyboard that looks good, but also works good. I've looked up some differe nt brands and razer is by far the best looking brand. But I don't know if the quality is good. Some reviews are very positive, some are very negative, and when I look at profesional esport players, there are barely any players who use razer. The mouse and keyboard that I was thinking of are the razer mamba elite and the razer blackwidow chroma elite. I would love to hear your op router login inion! Thanks

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3 Replies

We have the same taste here bro. I really wanted to upgrade my razer cynosa lite to razer blackwidow elite and also my mice. I have 2 friends here who's using blackwidow elite and they told me that this by far the best among those other kb. I think you should follow what you really like you can't tell unless you buy it.
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From what I've witnessed, many pros use the gear that's been sponsored to them, but that isn't to say they dislike or prefer another brand. Also, people are going to have their own preferences. Everyone's opinion is going to be biased, because a lot of times it comes down to what people are comfortable with and love using. I believe our products are amazing, but it doesn't mean I love all our products. Some things are not for me. Like the our linear opto-mechanical switches. Others swear by them. It isn't to say they're bad, not at all. I'm just too much of a fat fingered key slammer to really utilize it properly.

The best advice I can give is, give it an honest go.

And yes, I hear the "Razer is so expensive" bit all the time. But I also hear that we have the best looking stuff as well. That's part of what you're paying for; the better design, the better engineering, the better build.
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As someone who has used products from razer, hyper x, logitech, and corsair, don't limit yourself by sticking to only one brand. As for Razer, your mnk choices are solid, but there are better options out there from brands other than razer. corsair has some better boards for less $$ and logitech's mice seriously cannot be definitively beat)

(I don't hate razer, rn im legit typing on a huntsman TE switching from a corsair and its tough man)