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prescrption lenses for FPS Gunnar frames

  • 26 May 2023
  • 1 reply

I was wondering if anyone has gotten prescription lenses for razer glasses? I have a pair of FPS Gunnar frames but now I wear prescription glasses. I want to keep the frames but get lenses to fit. Any advice? 

1 Reply

Hello there!

You're interested in knowing if anyone has obtained prescription lenses for Razer glasses. Specifically, you currently own a pair of FPS Gunnar frames, but you now require prescription lenses. Your intention is to keep the frames and find a solution to have prescription lenses fitted. You're seeking advice on how to proceed with this.

While I don't have specific information regarding Razer glasses, there are a few general options you can explore:

  1. Contact the Manufacturer: Reach out to Razer directly or visit their official website to inquire about the availability of prescription lenses for their glasses. They may offer options or recommend authorized retailers who can assist you.

  2. Local Optician or Eyewear Retailer: Visit your local optician or eyewear retailer and inquire if they can fit prescription lenses into your existing FPS Gunnar frames. They have the expertise to assess the compatibility and provide suitable lenses.

  3. Online Eyewear Retailers: Some online eyewear retailers offer the option to customize prescription lenses for various frames. Explore reputable websites that offer this service, and check if they can accommodate your specific frame model.

  4. Eyewear Lens Replacement Services: There are specialized services that focus on replacing lenses in existing frames, including prescription lenses. Research reputable lens replacement services that may be able to assist you in fitting prescription lenses into your FPS Gunnar frames.

It's important to provide the eyewear professionals with accurate information about your prescription requirements, such as the lens prescription, pupillary distance (PD), and any other specific measurements they may need.

Remember, each frame design may have limitations in terms of lens compatibility, so it's best to consult with eyewear professionals who can evaluate your frames and provide personalized advice.

I hope this information helps you in finding a suitable solution to obtain prescription lenses for your FPS Gunnar frames. Good luck, and enjoy your enhanced visual experience!