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PROJECT BROOKLYN | Concept Gaming Chair For Next Generation Immersion

  • 12 January 2021
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61 Replies

It’s just beautiful
Looks really neat. Does it come with a tower rack on the back to hold the case?
Love to have one of these someday.

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I was wondering which gaming chair to buy for my new office but I think I now what to buy
Haha this reminds me of the chairs from Wall-E it just needs a motor. In all seriousness though it's an awesome design.
Cant wait to have it, soo cool
it would be awesome if it had a tilt mechanism turning it into a 4d gaming chair integrated with vibrations, and hydraulic mechanisms for when you are jumping off a cliff, you would feel the free fall and the instantaneous stop as you hit the ground.
Also it would be great, if it came with a pressure vest of some sort, so that you could feel where the shots were coming from.
But im just spit balling here. something to consider in in the future?
This looks pretty cool!! Great job Razer 👌 I am looking forward for your new product to be released soon.
The panoramic visuals are pretty insane. I'm excited for the actual product!
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This concept is really cool. It will not be easy to get up if this is my gaming chair. I will be totally absorbed by the game.
This is jaw-dropping! Let me start saving now. ☺