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Razer Cloth Mask | Never Break Cover

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Mask up in style with the all-new, limited-edition Razer Cloth Mask: https://www.razer.com/gaming-accessories/razer-cloth-mask

Made of soft, breathable antimicrobial organic cotton, Razer Cloth Mask is comfortable and reusable. With a special double-layer fabric that with at least 95% bacterial filtration efficiency, shield up against pathogens and small airborne particles.

Stay safe and don’t break cover – available in two designs and sizes: https://www.razer.com/gaming-accessories/razer-cloth-mask

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still waiting for it to be back in stock.... i want one!
Just a little more and I can get this using my silvers. I'm not sure what size to get, maybe we can place the dimensions or mesurement please. I think I like the black one better just to be a bit more descrit.
I would say that their should have been a free giveaway to like 100 #razerStreamers for free Face Clothes another 100 for 50% discount another 100 for 25% discount and then another 200 for 10%.
I mean lets go keep your #RazerStreamers Safe lol! honestly its just an opinion and an idea!
Not sure if i would wear it as medical mask, but I like as an accessory.