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SNEKI SNEK HEAD PILLOW | Supporting You, Supporting Conservation

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Fans of Razer's chief gaming mascot, Sneki Snek: we heard you and the wait is over. Support your gaming while supporting conservation with our cutest gaming chair add-on - introducing the new Razer Sneki Snek Head Pillow:

Made to fit most gaming chairs, this cutie doubles up as a huggable cushion to keep you company, and the sale of each one will help our friends at Conservation International save 10 trees. Plus, with every 250,000 trees saved, we'll release new Sneki Snek merch! Track the progress here and be a part of our initiative to protect 1 million trees:

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Gr8 addition for streaming
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I love it so much oh my god i need it :eek_:
need it ! even tho my chair has no head rest 😃
Razer Sneki Snek Pillow is so lit! You got the comfort while saving the mother earth. Love it!🐍
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I just learned earlier that Razer released a merch collection to raise environmental awareness and now this. Razer's initiative for saving the environment is really something. Not only did they create products with quality and style but also with compassion to the environment. I would really love to have this pillow.
Gamers together can make a difference through this. Besides, I can't say no to this Sneki Snek cutie. Let's save more trees!