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[RAZER GOLD] Celebrate our 2nd Birthday with 12 Awesome Deals

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Join our 2-year Anniversary celebration for a chance to score grand giveaways and enjoy massive gaming deals and rewards.

Participants of the grand giveaway may be eligible to win any of these prizes below by following our Facebook page and commenting "WE ❤️ Razer Gold and Silver."

  • 1 Razer Chroma Mug Holder
  • 1 Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro
  • 1 Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro
  • 1 Razer BlackShark V2 Special Edition
  • 1 Bonus Razer Gold voucher US$50
  • 1 x 50,000 Bonus Razer Silver voucher

Join in on the celebration by visiting https://gold.razer.com/campaigns/12daysxmas

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Am I too late to the party?

Happy B-day!
And I know it's not FB, but

WE ❤️ Razer Gold and Silver
Happy Holidays everyone!
Happy B-day, Razer~
With a bit of a delay but still 😅☺💚
Good Luck to you all. Too bad I deleted my FB account and I don't plan to start another one.
What are the chances of winning?
Never win any of these stuff...
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Oh, seems like the mug has come out of hiding again. Grab it!

Only holder for the mug ?
Never had anu luck with draws but I'll still join hoping to win something.
Happy Anniversary~
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Which post should I need t leave the CM? there were a lot of post on the facebook..
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Content is not available in this region
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That 50,000 silver can come in handy!
Happy birthday!
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I'm in ! Happy Anniversary RAZER 💚


‏‏‎ ‎
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Oh, seems like the mug has come out of hiding again. Grab it!
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Another giveaway season, time to try out the luck again.
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Happy birthday! ❤
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This is so sweet! Happy 2nd anniv razer!!!
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Don't forget to redeem with your Razer Silver!
The season of gift-giving—get 12% off 12 popular rewards. Redeem with Razer Silver now. Till Dec 15, 2020
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Ngl this is awesome.
I have been using Razer Gold for some time, mainly for topping up my Steam account since it's minimum gift card value is lower than Steam's own top up service and the prices are the same even after including the stupid 6% digital tax my country imposed.
Happy 2nd year anniversary guys n thanks for the give away
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*sigh* i never had any luck with these...
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good luck everyone
Happy Birthday!
"WE ❤️ Razer Gold and Silver."
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Happy anniversary and thanks!