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[RAZER SILVER] January 2021 Rewards Launch

  • 15 January 2021
  • 47 replies

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got gunman discount voucher :?
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I lost 2,000 razer silvers, and in my opinion, it wasn’t worth it
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Ok, nice rewards.
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I'm waiting for Blackshark V2 Pro to be available!
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Not Rewards avaliable in my Country.
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cool stuff are there in redeem section
Great rewards~
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i'm hoping i get enough to redeem the true wireless buds
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Hello friends,

Very nice stuff to buy with our Zsilver.

Thanks Razer. ^ _ ^
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I feel like it would be nice if we got a few more lower priced items on the silver store, like stickers and keychains. It would be nice for the people who can't rack up silver as fast.
Well when I just got the amount I needed you have to add something new so that I want other things that ofcourse I don't have points for.
Yay! Good luck to all of ya!
Nice thread i wanna do this too
for gamer good event :big_grin_:
That Blackwidow V3 is looking fresh!
It's TIME!
You will update in february? Sorry for the question i am new in this forum...
thank razer

Hi call me i what razer gold 100$
Never won anything in my life before...
How do you guys earn enough Silver for these rewards? I'm new to the Razer family and been trying near enough everything to earn, but only at 8k after close to a month? I do the mobile, pay to play and had my heart on squad rewards, but even seems there that the claiming is near impossible? What's the secret I'm missing out on? So badly have my heart set on a DeathAdder V2. Thank you!

PS, and yes I followed the below post religiously
Thats awesome, but can you please get Gamma to actually work... Worked for 2 days last week and literally in two days of mining I havent earned a single silver...
i hope i can get the headset stand