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Squad Invites | Season 3

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Mine is https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/13/ec0c892854c7 ONLY IF YOU WILL DO 4 HOURS EVERDAY

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I have 3 places in my squad. I play 4 hours everyday so if anyone is interested come and join my team .
Join my squad if you plan to play a up to 4 hours daily as I play up to 10 hours a day
How can i have 28 hours by the end of the day if we limited at 4 hours at a time and one day in earth have only 24 hours? Lol

If you have played for 4 hours per day since the start (7 days ago), you'll have a total of 28 hours on record today.
join now!!

come join us if u can play 4 hours daily.

hey guys finding some active teammates here:)
mine is https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/13/8331cdcaf95b guys, please join only if you will do 4 hours pls!!!
Hᴇʏ! Pʟᴇᴀsᴇ, ᴊᴏɪɴ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴘʟᴀʏ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴛʜᴀɴ 4 ʜᴏᴜʀs!
Hᴇʀᴇ: https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/13/05421f5a8453
need a team for Season 3 here is my invite link https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/13/df80a2f9ac2d
hey Guys im Playing Black desert Online!
you know what that means?

yeah we never log of!!
join me for garantueed 4h A day

join me

Due to a bug with Cortex (for which I have submitted a ticket), I am missing a single minute and have 15h 59m and I have started the new hours... Anybody that wants me in his/her squad let me know.
Need some squad who'll redeem 80 hours. I lack 45 minutes from the first day tho. Please adopt me!!!
Kicked an afk, does anyone who has full hours want to join?
Join my squad if you have full hours, Don´t make me kick you xD

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my link https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/13/afb897430816

join here
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had to leave a squad with an a**hole leader who doesn't do his hours.


I need 3 people with FULL hours to join my squad, people with no drama !!
ONLY join if you can do your hours right away on reset time !!

Join discord too ( required ) !!

Come if you're the only 1 !
https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/13/3b27bd5fb47f 4 hours pls
i want to join
how a
i want to join

how many hours do u have?
6h 12 minutes
missing 1 more. if you dont have 28 hours by end of today you'll get kicked

How can i have 28 hours by the end of the day if we limited at 4 hours at a time and one day in earth have only 24 hours? Lol
i know i was ironic 🙂
you never know 😛