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Squad Rewards Invite Link

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I am daily player mainly playing LoL , apex and osu! , 4 hours is easy
Join me: https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/10/b1f23c2d3963
New squad.:smile_::wink_:✌️🎮
Im looking for anyone who wants to chat and play ( Destitny 2 , Apex )
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If anyone want to join my squad here is the link: https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/10/9ab083cf9573
I will be playing Modern Warfare every day for 4 hours.
anybody want a squad member? would like to join one that has 4 players eventually
I'll be racking up 4 hours daily on supported games. If you want to join here is my link

2 more no pressure just enjoy like you normally do 4 hours ❤ If you need a weak friend in dota2 and csgo count me in
i guess yes, you will bring your points to another squad, may i know whether you got kicked or you leave your previous squad? if you got kicked,you can join me immediately

i guess ill leave cuz the leader is not responding so....... guess ill have to wait until tomorrow and join a squad
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i guess ill leave cuz the leader is not responding so....... guess ill have to wait until tomorrow and join a squad

no problem dude, have a nice day 🙂
Hello everyone I play Warframe. You are all welcome in here but only 3 spot we have ^^
Ejoy :)


I joined lets get it
Two more place in our squad ! https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/10/e7012b7909e9

Looking for squad members
Ciao a tutti,
io gioco spesso a valorant e ad apex se qualcuno vuole unirsi alla mia squadra

Looks fair
Probably a simple bug and it will be fixed as it is clearly against the rules :)

Hey guys, my current team sadly have an afk and I am looking for a team, that can max their ours like I do. 🙂
Reply here or text me. 🙂 I am happy to join you!

https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/10/32feb0b1fbb3 enjoy
Join If u Like
@AlphaTay i joined your team
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https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/10/ddca2598e7b8 gogo missing one with 8 hours played. 3 of us will always have 4h/day
Someone who has the all hours? join us! we are loyal!
Do you play all hours everyday like you should? Good: we still have 1 slot for you! Join us!
Looking 4 a Squad that is not full. 😉 Send me ur links please
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Last Slot left.
Nice copy. Very creative :rolleyes:
first of all dude i'm sorry i didn't know about the time substraction thing (wanted to check the redeeming of rewards) and i didn't kick you out i swear... i saw that my squad is empty (after redeeming and refeshing) and i was like what!? so i thought you guys left me and i decided to join another squad...
man i seriously didn't kick you out!

The problem dude is that redeeming the hours, intentionally or not, you left all us with 4 hours less and now we're kicked from every other group because we're not maxed out ! And moreover you took double the reward because you redeemed when ONLY YOU reached 8 hours while we were at 4...

Next time better read instructions before clicking randomly...