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[TotW] Gimme That Silver!

  • 14 September 2021
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Razer Silver is a very popular perk here on Razer Insider. I'm always looking for ways to expand upon the program on Insider itself where and when possible. I'd love to hear what kinds of features or benefits you'd like to see on Insider in regards to earning more Silver. For the sake of constructive conversation please don't ask for support on this thread. If you're having issues, please create a thread in the Support forum to ask for help. Don't take this opportunity to tell me you want more Silver or better rewards. Instead, share how you'd like to earn more rewards or what kinds of rewards you'd like to see. Lastly, be nice! Being a jerk will not help your cause.

This is your Thread of the Week. I'll be choosing three people to earn the weekly "Great" achievement. Good comments that are constructive and well thought out may get you more!

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About Razer Silver:

Razer Silver is the only loyalty rewards credits backed by Razer. Earn Silver when you Pay with Razer or engage in software and services from Razer and our Partners. For more information on Razer Silver visit: https://gold.razer.com/silver/earn

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33 Replies

More games on Cortex pc and some achievement I think is great.
Most here playing a lot with pc and no way to make silver coin
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I think it's better to extend the Tapjoy achievement to be more realistic engagement rather than achieve by paid money.

Also, It should be largely extended to PC games since the PC cortex existed for a long time. It could be like "10 headshot kills in Call of Duty MW" without forcing players to open another new account to do so.

Make the task achievable and the game accessible (i.e. focus on free download games) will benefit most of our users.

I love that suggestion please take it into consideration, also make tapjoy offers more reasonable rewards, like reaching level 100 in a game to be rewarded 47 silver is just not worth the time.

also PC cortex games are really limited and most are paid, for both games, not like mobile cortex at least one would be free the other paid.
1. my opinon is that i miss the 4 games on payed to play,
2. frankly adding payed games doesnt seem fair to me, i believe they all should be free to play.
3. Would be nice if Tapjoy would put was watching advertisings and get rewarded for them, most of time i dont use tapjoy , i just find it too dificult/ boring to obtain .I think by adding advertisings it would make me and other users use tapjoy alot more
New ways to earn silver on Insider -

1. Razer silver through current sustainability campaign could be expanded to Insiders promoting Razer throughout the year. You could probably introduce a weekly or monthly task list for your Insiders that they would need to complete and earn silvers by completing these tasks.
2. Many people suggested awarding silver to people who solved a particular problem or helped someone.
3. Refresh the already existing rewards section in the Insider. Its been forever, but I haven't received achievements like Vanguard Nod, even though I have achieved the prerequisite to receive it. Some are buggy and need to be updated.
4. Running feedback forums(or voting contests or something) for people who have registered specific razer products on the forums and earn silver through that ?
5. A level system on Razer insider, where you level up when you interact more and even more if you are helping others. Levelling up gives you more silver and that would mean Insiders having the incentive to stay on the forums and strive to level up. Of course this might need to be capped.

That is all I could think of. Thank you for hearing me out :smile_:
Im Currently Grinding Razer Silver
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Add ampere support to Gamma
Please add more ways to earn silvers on Ios
1. Bring back 4 games per day to earn silver reward.
2. Give more p2p for us to gain more rewards
3. Check the requirements of offerwall games some of those requirements are insane and obviously you can't achieve it by the end of the day.

I think that's all for now. I will update my post if ever I have new one.

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