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[TotW] Gimme That Silver!

  • 14 September 2021
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Razer Silver is a very popular perk here on Razer Insider. I'm always looking for ways to expand upon the program on Insider itself where and when possible. I'd love to hear what kinds of features or benefits you'd like to see on Insider in regards to earning more Silver. For the sake of constructive conversation please don't ask for support on this thread. If you're having issues, please create a thread in the Support forum to ask for help. Don't take this opportunity to tell me you want more Silver or better rewards. Instead, share how you'd like to earn more rewards or what kinds of rewards you'd like to see. Lastly, be nice! Being a jerk will not help your cause.

This is your Thread of the Week. I'll be choosing three people to earn the weekly "Great" achievement. Good comments that are constructive and well thought out may get you more!

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About Razer Silver:

Razer Silver is the only loyalty rewards credits backed by Razer. Earn Silver when you Pay with Razer or engage in software and services from Razer and our Partners. For more information on Razer Silver visit: https://gold.razer.com/silver/earn

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33 Replies

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Please bring back the 4 games feature for Cortex Mobile.

Right for the past few months, I am getting 2 games only. And sometimes, you have to buy the other game.

Please bring back this feature. Also the x2 during weekends is gone 😞
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I think it's better to extend the Tapjoy achievement to be more realistic engagement rather than achieve by paid money.

Also, It should be largely extended to PC games since the PC cortex existed for a long time. It could be like "10 headshot kills in Call of Duty MW" without forcing players to open another new account to do so.

Make the task achievable and the game accessible (i.e. focus on free download games) will benefit most of our users.
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Please bring back the 4 games feature for Cortex Mobile.

Right for the past few months, I am getting 2 games only. And sometimes, you have to buy the other game.

Please bring back this feature. Also the x2 during weekends is gone :slightly_sad:

Yes! I really miss the time when we haveing 1250 silver per day for each 4 games!
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Enrich the Tapjoy's game and more rewardable. I hate to open another new account just to satisfy the game requirement. Also, please review the Tapjoy requirement to ensure that is achievable, some of the requirements are literally crazy....
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i think just bring back the 4 game and 200 bonus razer cortex paid to play feature. it makes me excited everyday to grind and earn razer silver unlike this past few months after the update
they should bring back the 4 games
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I believe you are asking for feedback on how to improve rewards for Razer Insider (Razer forum) instead of Cortex Mobile. Here are my takes:

1. Reward Contributors Regularly (contributors with most helpful post reply)
Background: People often post on Insider asking for help on problems they have with their peripherals. Other users (contributors) can help by giving suggestions/solutions that may help to resolve the issue.
Proposal: Current rewards for contributors are one time off basis. In order to encourage users to continue contribute regularly and improve engagement rate on Insider, these type of rewards should be on a recurring basis instead of one time off basis.
For e.g. Nice-In appreciation for your quality engagement, Nailed it- o good! That comment deserves some Silver and etc

2. Introduce upvote button (similar as Reddit)
- To support initiative above, it will be helpful if a good comment can be upvoted.
- This will help other users who encountered similar issues and look for answers (postings) from Insider easily, rather than having to read every page of that particular post.
- The number of upvotes received can also be a gauge to determine how much Silver to be rewarded to that user.

That's all I have in mind right now. Happy to add on again if I have additional ideas. Thank you.
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I want the Silver!!!
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  • I'd like to see more games on Cortex PC #PCMR

  • Also I'd refresh silver rewards on Insider, because it's hasn't been changed since few years or so.

  • As @Stanull said - reward contributors regularly. Or I'd expand this idea a bit, by adding a new "Helpful" button on Insider, so each user can thank for helping.
  • I remember Razer Arena - there was match betting and it was a lot of fun & also way to earn silver.

Tapjoy is a scam, I'd not consider it as a way to earn silvers in future - I'd expand other ideas or create new ways of earning silver.
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In my opinion, there are 3 recommendations to allow us to earn more Razer Silver:

1. Earn by buying and registering Razer's products. For example, 500-10,000 Silvers per product registered based on their price or others.

2. Please bring back 8X Paid to Play games every weekend and also remove all paid to download games for Cortex Mobile.

3. Please add a new features for Cortex PC just like Tapjoy on Cortex Mobile in order for us to earn more Silvers by completing objectives.
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Improve the PC p2p again.At the begining of zsilver program you could earn 1000 per day from a game and x2 on weekends.
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- i miss 4 games /day to earn the razer silver,
- in some country tapjoy not showing many offers and sometimes i got no reward after completed the offer,
- add new bottom navbar menu (Discover - Play - Archieve - Redeem) so we dont need to scroll till the bottom of the page,
- paid to play (games of the week) cortex PC need more offers,
- add feature to register our razer gear from cortex mobile (scan the barcode from the gear or something like that?) and get (random / fixed) razer silver?
- referral code or promo code (like special promo code: winter/summer/razer aniversary) to get more silver maybe?
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Hello everyone!

I share the same positions on earning Silver as many of these other members. First, bring back the 4 games per day on Cortex mobile. This was the way to earn a lot of silver very quickly and made it very easy to get higher-priced rewards. Also, a version on Ios would be helpful as well but Apple is very protective of its app store so I understand why that's unlikely.
In terms of stuff on Cortex, I concur with the addition of an upvote feature and an easier way to reward contributors. Sometimes, Insider users help out other users with the technical woes that they have experience with and it would be nice to see that good behavior rewarded. Also, the upvote post could be used as a way to redirect people to similar threads so that there are not a million threads about the same issue.

That's all I've got.
I'd like to see "Tapjoy Rewarded Video/Interstitial Video" (The thing you watch an advertisement and get rewarded).
[indent] 1) It should be easy to implement. The reward offerwall razer uses is provided by Tapjoy.
2) It doesn't glitch/have scam offers. Offerwall does not have a clear history of this.
[left] 3) It is easy to do. You literally just click and watch for 30 secs.[/left][/indent]
Also a silver bonus based on level (like 1% per level) would be nice.
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Hello! I am new to razer silver and I noticed that it is quite hard to earn razer silver if you do not have an android phone as you are not able to download cortex games on IOS. So hopefully it will be on IOS soon.

Another thing about earning razer silver is that even on razer cortex PC, the amount you earn everyday is very limited, 50 per weekday and 100 on weekends. Therefore I hope to see more events that will reward players, it can be in a form of playing games, doing surveys relating to razer products or even watching ads. Hope to see new changes to earning razer silver soon! 🙂
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Make the achievements register all the time and remove some unobtainable ones. Have some new ones and increase the silver rewarded from them to make them more engaging for the forum commentators.
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Hey Insiders,

I really cant think of any Insider improvements which would be interesting/fun or wouldn't be abused to oblivion ( like upvote system which someone suggested and we kind a have that system implemented already).
Perhaps you could add some kind of voting system, where we vote for something (team, stuff, etc.) once a day/week/month like we have in Cortex Squad Rewards post season (where we spend our leftover hours to earn tiny bit of zsilver). Doesn't sound very fun but with some added sprinkles it MIGHT? work somewhat.
Hell at least we would have a new way to earn our precious silverz ><

Off topic : Further expand or make mobile/PC Cortex p2p more rewarding, even bringing 4 mobile games would help mightily or having x2/x3/x4/x8 weekends more often.. Tapjoy offer wall would be interesting and engaging (in regions where there are actually offers to complete) if it wouldn't be done through... Tapjoy :))) That thing is a mess sometimes..

So that's all folks, cheers
Having been on the Silver Farming run for close to a year now, I can tell you some observations and give some input.
1. The TapJoy platform (although it works for some) isn't really viable. I've had countless times where the Survey's make you jump through hoops just to tell you after 20min that it's no longer available. Games that are on the list to earn disappear right after you download them. And then there's too many games that require you to make physical purchases, but adding these purchases up will cost you more than buying the peripheral in a shop?
I suggest you maybe look at the TapJoy selections, and make it more realistic. The purpose is to give exposure right, so why not make play 5 games from TapJoy for a total of 5 hours over a week to earn 1000 Silver. Games get exposure, Insiders are playing them and getting addicted and then you push the microtransactions.
2. There should be more opportunities in Cortex. We still have no idea what the point of the XP is, so maybe tie that into something like for every XP level you gain, get some Silver. The Paid to Play games are a nice incentive, but maybe more frequent Double XP events, but requires more time spent in-game or writing a review on the Playstore?

3. My biggest gripe is the Squad Rewards. The system is flawed in my opinion (And this is just my opinion). The SAME squad has won 4 tournaments in a row now (think about that). Out of over 200k registered players, the exact same 4 win it?

Too many times we'd be ready to redeem but for some reason we're always a minute or 2 behind the leaders (like they sync sooner than the rest), although our games are open from the start of the tournament and never close? I think there should be some investigation there, as I've spoken to a few insiders that feel the same. Level the playing field and more people will get excited about it again. I know of 9 people that outright won't be participating in them again.

In terms of new opportunities:
• Reward influencers outside of Insider. Word of mouth is your biggest marketing tool. Reward the people that speak up for the brand.
• Give the opportunity to top up Silver through cash transactions, even if it's by buying zGold... but again it's for the people who are already your biggest supporters, so don't rip them off in the process. The reward scheme should never be more than the outright purchase.
•The initial core of Razer was peripherals for PC... but PC gamers seems to be scraping the barrel with rewards at the moment. More geared to only Mobile Gaming. Reward us for buying actual games whether via Steam or Epic or in store, or rewards for playing specific games from a list, not just the 2 Razer randomly selects weekly.

Novella over 🙂
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Please bring back Mobile Legends 1 vs 1 Tournament on Mogul to earn Razer Silver. Thanks.
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more silver per participation
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i loved the mogul voting of those e-games matches previously.
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Perhaps the cortex instant games tournaments can be modified in a way that you do not need to use razer silver to participate. As the ranking rewards are not really profitable unless you are in the top 10. Therefore, I feel that there should be some sort of modification to either the ranking rewards or the participation entry requirement.