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165hz display locked at 60hz

  • 11 March 2021
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Hello everyone! So I just purchased a 2021 Razer Blade 15 (Base) with the 165hz screen and an RTX 3070. To make a long story short, my screen refresh rate is locked at 60hz unless I turn off Nvidia Optimus. I don't have an issue with this necessarily, but I've turned to the internet for help and realized I'm not alone in having a few caveats with this fix. The primary issue is that I'm stuck using the factory Game Ready Driver. Otherwise, disabling optimus leads to a black screen on boot. After two factory resets and hours of troubleshooting, I have a "working" laptop, with the factory NVIDIA driver and my refresh rate unlocked. I really just want to know if there is any movement on Razer's side, or if anyone knows if NVIDIA is aware of this problem as well. I'd like to be able to upgrade my drivers eventually, without sacrificing a major feature of my new laptop :(

Any help or insight from Razer is appreciated!

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We are aware of this, and we already have a team coordinating with Nvidia. Do send me the serial number of your laptop so I can properly document your experience. I'd appreciate it if you can send me a screenshot of your MSINFO32 as well. For now, you will want to try the workaround shared in this thread if you haven't done so already.

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