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BlackWidow Elite Issue

  • 20 September 2022
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Hello there, Razer Group!
I've spent the last three days trying to figure out what's wrong with my keyboard. I tested the keyboard on another computer, and it works well; therefore, the hardware has no problem. It is currently employing a low-cost keyboard that plugs in and works.
I was playing a game when my keyboard failed. It came back to life for a few seconds after a short unplugging and replugging, but then it died again and wouldn't turn around until I hard reset it (hold Esc while plugging it back in). This appeared to work for a brief time but has now died.
I've tried reinstalling Synapse and even uninstalling it, but nothing seems to affect the state of the keyboard.
I examined my BIOS for any power-saving USB options, but they are all turned off or set to prioritize performance over power-saving. The same may be said for my Windows power-saving settings (including serial-bus power-saving locations)
I attempted to check for driver updates, but it informed me that I already had the best drivers for my device. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the driver without success.
I've even reinstalled Windows 10 on a new m.2, removing any other storage devices that may have had corrupted data or settings that prevented my keyboard from operating in Windows.
I've gotten it to operate after each adjustment, but it always stops, sometimes for no apparent reason. It once stopped working while simply viewing YouTube and not touching anything. When I plug in my mouse and keyboard and get them to function, I finish plugging in my other peripherals, which has been an intriguing trigger a couple of times (headset, gaming pad). Even when not connected, the keyboard stops working as soon as the USB head contacts the edge of the USB socket.
The keyboard will boot into demo mode (Ctrl+Caps+Space) when all of the lights are on, but you cannot type.
Any advice or hints on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading my problem.
Thank you so much, Jme. from pub tv online login

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