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Blackwwidow VV3 Mini Double type

Hello, I havve had my Blackwidow mini since around jjune of last year, I love it vvery much bbut am experiencing (as you may havvve noticed) many doubble tyyping issues with it.. I do not see anyy updates or threads where any solutions have been discovered so I am turning to the support forum to seek an answer to this issue. This goes for all connectivity mmodes; BT, 2.4GHz and using the cable connector.

(I saw someone else do this so I will do the same, I am not editing out the double typed words from this thread).

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I also experiencingg thiis oine rigghtt now as you can see of what I am ttyping right noww it really disappoints mem
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Try exiting synapse (right click on the razer central icon in tray - close synapse or close all apps) and check if it still persist.
While on cable check if the cable is connected directly into USB port on the motherboard, and not via USB hub/docking station etc.