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Constant issues with THX spatial audio.

  • 15 January 2023
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My Nari Ultimate seems to drop audio quality frequently. It will go from THX Spatial Audio sounds to non-surround sound without a visual cue. This happens even when i switch games or windows. I've tried deleting all extra profiles in case it was profile-by-window/program but had no luck.

Sometimes when the headset cuts out the THX Spatial Audio either has A) no programs listed beneath it or 😎 all programs are grayed out (see screenshot).

Usually the best fix for this is to simply switch THX off & then on, however I have had to restart PC a few times to get it fixed. This has been a constantly recurring issue and I would love to get it to just stay in THX and not swap audio quality between programs/screens.

2 Replies

Still having this issue after multiple computer, headset, and application restarts.
I have the same problem, I would really like it to work the same in the separate THX software, for example discord stereo and a Spacial game, it continues to output stereo in discord and Spacial game regardless of which window is focused at the moment.