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Cynosa V2 / Light Keycaps

  • 16 April 2024
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the keycaps on both our Cynosa keyboards (V2 and Light) are wearing out. Is it possible to buy new ones? The upgrade set does not seem to be compatible.

3 Replies

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Not possible. Replacements not available.

I own both Cynosa v1 and v2. v1 has more sturdy caps - after years of usage not a single weared cap unlike v2. I’d stick with v1 if it was more quiet. I’m really disappointed with the wearing caps - I was expecting such expensive brand didn’t have such a frustrating issue. I’ll try to look for a used broken v2 (sometimes people sell such for parts) and take required caps from it. I doubt though I’ll find one with intact ASWD which wear out first. Love Cynosa v1, but it rattles so much(

Ugh. I fell for the upgrade as well, not realizing the Cynosa was the special exception, and this fact is not mentioned anywhere in the description. Disappointing.