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Experiencing Naga Pro Wireless Disconnections

  • 9 July 2023
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Hello, I’m a new Razer customer, and a casual livestreamer. I recently purchased a Naga Pro Wireless mouse. I really enjoy the mouse. Nevertheless, I am experiencing the same infamous disconnecting, hardware / dongle / mouse issues, that so many other users have previously reported. I’ve also tried performing the step-by-step process of: Software installation/setup of Synapse 3, USBHyperspeedDongle, MousePairing, Naga Pro_Mouse_FirmwareUpdater_20200r1. I’ve even swap USB ports, rinse & repeat, however I’m still experiencing the same sporadic occurrences.


  1. I purchased it from Amazon and it’s still within the 30 days return period. Should I return it, or request a RMA for a unit that does properly perform (without these infamous issues)? 
  1. Is the rest of the Naga Pro inventory beyond repair/defective/faulty? Perhaps I’d be better off returning the mouse back to Amazon and getting a totally different mouse? 

Has anyone else been through/or are going through a similar predicament such as myself? 


Side Note: What kind of company implements 1s & Is, with 0s & Os, and then prints them in a broad vague font for their product registry? What a confusing mess (for those of us who are visually impaired). It took me about 3 - 4 tries to correctly input the S/N of my Blackwidow v4 Pro (also my first Razer keyboard)!


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For those of you still having issues, check my recent discovery which is related to these incidents. Here’s the link to my other thread, go to the very end: 


UPDATE: This step-by-step guide is useless. It might have been relevant if the hardware/software were up to par. Now, nothing is for sure.

I forgot to add a critical step to my step-by-step “Pro” guide!

This is actually the 1st step to take: 

Step 1. BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL SYNAPSE 3, RESET YOUR DEVICES FROM WITHIN THE PROGRAM. THEN UNINSTALL SYNAPSE 3. Now continue on with each step… (if it even makes a difference?!)

Here’s another idea. I have yet to test this, but for those of you who need answers / solutions fast (and who could blame you?!) 


Try creating a Live Linux Bootable Media USB. If your mouse & keyboards are recognized by Linux, then the issue is most likely a battle between Windows vs Razer


If nothing works, then I’m guessing that these peripherals have faulty components inside of them. 





Why does the Razer Insider Support Forum have that cheap grimy back alley feel, where you have to run off strays & burglars from your threads and the cops are on the mafia’s payroll?!

If you’re having issues with your Razer device(s), then the following information just might help out… but I can’t guarantee anything. As of right now, I’m treating this as a one-size-fits-all situation. Your results may vary.


This is one of the few reasons I returned my Blackwidow V4 Pro (Yellow Switches). There doesn’t seem to be a consistent means of operation for this particular keyboard (or the mouse). I would randomly experience disconnects (mind you, on a WIRED keyboard) from the Septic (I mean Synapse) Software. I also experienced the same issue with the Naga Pro Wireless mouse (wired and in wireless mode). I also had the “cyan” light color issue once or twice from the keyboard, along with the Chroma effects not responding.

I’m not sure if this will help, but here was my “fix/solution” to this ridiculous fiasco:


1. Uninstall the Razer Septic (Synapse) program and anything else associated with it.

2. Run some kind of file cleaner and/or registry editor to remove debris (this is soo 1999).

3. Remove your keyboard and/or mouse drivers from the Windows Device Manager.

4. Since the keyboard/mouse has now been removed/disabled from Windows, you’ll have to manually press the power button on your computer to physically shut it down.

5. Disconnect your associated device cables from your PC’s USB ports.

6. Power your PC back on. Let it fully boot up into the Windows desktop environment, and make sure that all of your essential background startup programs have also loaded up.

7. Plug your mouse/keyboard back into your USB port(s).

8. They should be detected by now.

9. When the Razer Septic install prompt pops up, tell it to GO F*** ITSELF! Close Out / Cancel Out of it! Do not let it install… JUST YET!

10. Test your keyboard/mouse out with the initial/basic drivers first, just to rule out any physical connection issues or unforeseen consequences (in other words, get out your crystal ball).

11. If you so dare, then install the Razer Septic Software.

12. Rinse & Repeat (every time this happens… *Sighs*)


^ The above steps seemed to have returned the mouse & keyboard back to its default parameters, so I could get the features functioning again.

13. Optional Step, if you qualify to do so: Return it back to the retailer (I returned mine back to Amazon). If the return time frame has closed, then try to get an RMA. Razer Tech Support needs to know that their devices are fuq’d up! I chatted with an online agent, and I was instructed to return my devices back to the retailer… if that tells you anything (anything, but a solution).


At the price point of these devices, these problems SHOULD NOT OCCUR! I’m not wasting my time & money being an unpaid beta tester for half-@$$ limp-d*** developed products.


So I decided to just return the Naga Pro mouse along with the Blackwidow V4 Pro keyboard. I refuse to be a beta tester (unless, of course, Razer is willing to pay me). The keyboard & mouse both would randomly disappear from the buggy glitchy Synapse software (this POS ((piece of software)) cripples your hardware). It also conflicts with certain parameters/features of your PC. It’s also difficult to get rid of. I’ve ran the “proper” uninstall option to remove the software, but we all know that doesn’t work (most programs still leave behind their litter & garbage). Then I ran a file & registry cleaner (that’s soo 1999, can we finally get past third party program/file removers?!). However, I seem to suspect that the settings of the OS peripheral management have still been altered. *Sighs*... What good is removing the apps when they still leave your settings all Effed Up?! That’s why about 90% of the time when you uninstall and then reinstall a software program/app/gimmick, it doesn’t remedy nor cure anything because it is still retaining your messed up profile/save settings (along with the errors)! Please fix this digital plague.


NOTE: Why is it mandatory for the mouse to enter into sleep mode after 5 - 10 - 15 minutes?! Why can’t the dev’s implement an option to disable sleep mode of any type?! I don’t want anything taking a nap on my Gaming PC! That’s why its set to High Performance/modified Power Mode (None of my components are set to go to sleep, not on my watch).

I uninstalled the Synapse software, boxed the Naga Pro & Blackwindow V4 Pro up (lol... “Pro”...), and shipped them both back to Amazon.

I reinstalled my old Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse (tried & true nonetheless). However, it is behaving similar to the Naga Pro (not good at all). It also thinks that it must go to sleep about 15 minutes! This was a mandatory setting within the Synapse software! I don’t know why the dev’s think that all mice need to go to sleep after 15 minutes! Why?! Do you all take naps every 15 minutes as well?! Is that why the Razer Insider Support Forums are so barren and empty?! Is that why there isn’t actually any tech support here? Is tech support napping every 15 minutes?! WAKE UP & FIX YOUR $H!T! We end users are forced to wade through this cesspool of ignorance, hoping to find fresh answers/solutions to old stale problems that should have been addressed & fixed long ago!


I’m sick & tired of purchasing “high quality” / “high grade” items only to waste my precious time & energy, trying to fix a half-@$$ product that was already FO0I1k’d ← oh look, its Razer’s alphanumeric S/N that everyone has trouble deciphering without a Rosetta Stone) right out of the gate!


I’m going to grab my gloves & bleach to do a fresh clean installation of Windows 11 Pro