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Headset microphone is not detected and doesnt work

  • 28 April 2019
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Hi guys,

I have a Acer Aspire vx 15 laptop with windows 10. I’ve recently bought a gaming headset with microphone (Razer Kraken Pro v2).

The issue here is that when i plug it in my laptop, my sound works very well but my microphone does not work, its not even being detected by my laptop. Only my internal microphone works.

Out of curiosity, I plugged this headset in my other laptop and the mic worked there, so why doesnt it work on my acer laptop?

When i plug in the headset it doesnt show up in the output or input devices (yes i have enabled to show the disabled devices). It also doesnt show in razer synapse.

I have tried these things to fix the issue:
- updating the drivers
- updating windows
- updating realtek manager
- uninstalling realtek and installing it again
- i even reinstaller my windows, and the microphone still doesnt work.
- reinstalling razer synapse

Im clueless right now and i hope you guys can help me with this issue.

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Hi there! I'd just like to clarify that the Kraken Pro V2 is an analog headset and will not be recognized by Synapse. Does your laptop have the combo jack or does it have the dual jacks? If you are using the combo jack, then there should be a popup window that would ask you what kind of device you just plugged in. Let me know.