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How to fix Razer Blackwidow keyboard

  • 22 October 2022
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Recently got a razer blackwidow keyboard and as soon as I plug it in nothing happens I've tried googling many solutions but nothing has been working any ideas on how to fix it please and thank you

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1 Reply

Hello, I had the same problem with this type of keyboard (razer black widow v2). The problem was in the PCB in which the cable is connected to the keyboard. I don't know where to get this PCB, but it can be completely disconnected and discarded. The cable to the keyboard can then be cut and the individual wires plugged or soldered directly into the connector. The keyboard will then work.
The only problem is that the keyboard is very difficult to disassemble (hidden screws under rubber pads, very rigid plastic skeleton), but it works 🙂.
The keyboard works to my full satisfaction.
Have a nice day
Regards George

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