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Issue of freezing.

  • 26 July 2022
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So during around 1 year of time I thought it was windows 10 problem that taskbar is keep freezing when switching user and just logging in from turned off system. But the truth was naga trinity was imposter, that freezing windows 10 taskbar (I have tartarus, tartarus pro, seiren mini, naga charing dock, two naga trinity).

Like post below, we are having a issue from your products.

Please hotfix this problem ASAP.

PS: windows 11 doesn't have this problem, but windows 10 has... CHECK and CARE YOUR CUSTOMERS.

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Do you have AMD CPU or Intel?
You can try disable fast startup in W10: in some cases it helps.

There was problem with BlackWidow / Huntsman keyboard on AMD CPUs doing the same thing - explorer.exe crashing/freezing. It's been not fixed since year or more.