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Laptop Underperforming after sudden crash!

  • 22 December 2022
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Hello everyone!

I was playing Cyberpunk on my Blade 15" and suddenly my laptop crashed and shut down for no reason, and I couldn't turn it on for a few minutes. After that my laptop performance was not like before. The games were laggy and the system could not reach its peak performance. I tried to monitor GPU and CPU usage but nothing unusual was not there to mention but one thing!

In rendering programs that require one (GPU or CPU) to progress, there is no issue for non of them but when it comes to gaming or those programs that require both, the laptop starts to struggle. For instance, I can use GPU or CPU peak performance in Keyshot 11 but in games, they won't use more than 30% of their performances.

I could get 120fps in a game like Spider-Man before the sudden crash but after that, It could hardly reach 30fps. It seems something serious is going on with my Blade because after a while of playing the game suddenly my fps rises for a few seconds (back to normal) and then drops again. This problem can be seen in every program that uses both of these components.

I tried changing the Windows, and clean installing the drivers multiple times. I even reinstall my GPU cache and searched every article that refers to boosting Windows performance, and the problem is still here.

At last, I had to remove my Blade battery because it was s dead.

Thank you for your time,

System info:

Razer Blade 15" 2019 Advanced
CPU: Intel 8750H
GPU: nVidia RTX 2060

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