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My Naga Trinity Unsynced

  • 4 February 2023
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Hi there, I've googled and searched for ages now and I thought I had the answer/fix but I didnt. Can someone help me or direct me to fixing this issue I have?
My Naga Trinity's Chroma lights have been unsynced for ages now. I think I deleted a file accidentally once and it just hasnt lit up correctly since. The scroll wheel will be one color, the trinity snakes another, and the side numbers yet another color. Ive ignored it for so long but I actually really HATE it and have started to look for solutions. I dont want to buy a new one when its just a lighting issue that HAS to have a fix somewhere that I am just not seeing. Even in synapse I can try to set it to what I need but it doesnt apply to all the keys. Only the trinity snakes respond to the synapse settings.

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