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My razer naga pro just stopped working

  • 16 November 2023
  • 2 replies

"As the title says, my Razer Naga Pro just stopped working. It doesn't light up at all. I've let the battery drain and plugged it in, and it blinked red for a few seconds and then went black again. Do you think my mouse is dead, or is it something else?"

2 Replies

Sorry te hear, also sorry to not bring any decent reply.

I also am getting this issue, while in BT connection it just fell asleep, turned off on itw own still with energy.

I remember it happened to me before, tried the fixes provided on the internet in vain, was waiting for paycheck thinking it died, until like days later it turned on on its own…

Now it is doing it again, and I dont know what t do, all I know, it has still a red light inside somehow still working.

Hoping there is a real thing to do to fix this.


I have the same problem, at noon it works, in the evening it doesn't make any light, I can't plug it in, nor activate the bluetooth.

I've checked the sensor underneath with a phone camera, and it reacts well to the click: the sensor lights up.

I tried with 2 different computers, with usb, with the dongle or with bluetooth... impossible to make it work again.

I've also tried holding down the left, right and middle clicks at the same time to reset it.
No luck.
It's impossible to plug it in via usb, so I can't try to update the drivers.

If anyone has a magic solution (apart from buying a new one) please let me know.