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My story with the Razer raptor

  • 18 October 2021
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I bought a Razer raptor 144hz in June and got it with damaged cables and with chroma bug. I sent it back to the warehouse and got another one. But that had a dead pixel so I sent I back again and got another one that had also a dead pixel and some white tape in the box. I removed the tapes and under that tape was an RMA number and address so I thought that monitor was a faulty one. I think someone sent it back that too. So After this I sent it back and got another one with a dead pixel... we did this 4 times and the razer vip response team offered me an upgrade to the 165hz one. I accepted that offer but 2days later they said they don't have in stock so they want to send me a refund. But after almost 6month of waiting, I don't want to accept the refund because I want a monitor, not my money back. But I still got the same email about the refund. I think as a HUGE RAZER fan this is not the correct way to solve the case after this much time waiting. I would wait for the new monitor which will arrive from another warehouse but now I don't really have a choice. I won't accept the refund so tell me what do you think what should I do?

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