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Nari Chat Earphone Volume low

  • 1 July 2020
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I've had the Nari wireless for about two months and everything has been working pretty well. Recently the Chat earphone audio has been verrrrry low. I change balance it to the middle position and I can barely hear chat. Even on full chat I barely hear chat.

- Nari - Game set to default device
- Nari - Chat set to default communication
- Nari - Chat volume 100 in windows
- Nari - Game using Dolby for headphones
- Game/chat balance does not help

It used to work fine but even if I have all volume settings maxed for the Chat earphone it's barely intelligible.

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1 Reply

Well this problems is still happening intermittently. Sometimes the sound comes back and sometimes it doesn't. Since there doesn't seem to be much support on these forums, i'll just save my self the headache and get a different branded headset with better support