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Need help! Keys not working on Huntsman mini

  • 23 December 2020
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As the title states, many of my keys are faulty, by that I mean either they wont receive input at all, or they receive multiple inputs from a single press. The product worked fine for two weeks, but after that time, they suddenly became faulty. The product has been handled carefully, and has only been sitting on a table, so I doubt any physical damage has been dealt, nor have I downloaded any "shady" software lately that could mess with the keyboard. I have also noticed that when booting up my computer, the keyboard works relatively fine for a minute, and then it stops working again. If I open up synapse before that minute, the keys become faulty right away. I have tried to read other posts about similar problems, but they seem to be of no help to me. I should also mention that the physical keys themselves can be pressed down and the RGB works fine.

Things I have tried to do, but didnt work:
* Connecting to different USB ports
* Updating drivers, synapse and windows.
* Connect the device to a computer running without synapse {was still faulty and had the same problems}
* Delete synapse, this ended with the keys working for 2 minutes, then they stopped working again
* Reseting the device on Razer synapse
* Removing any macros, shortcuts or changes in keyboard layout

Faulty keys:
* Eight, wont work at all
* Five, works a few times but also receive multiple inputs
* Norwegian letter AA, located to the right of the P key
* Z, receives multiple inputs
* Q, receives multiple inputs
* I do believe there are more keys that receive multiple inputs, but I cant think of them now

If there is no easy fix to the keyboard, I suppose I could ask for a refund, but that is my last option because of Covid-19 and christmas.

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2 Replies

Same issue here, except it is the 7, U and M keys that do not work on other keys will trigger multiple times occassionally.
Same problem here. Is this a hardware or software problem?