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Problems with the Cysona Lite Keyboard

  • 2 December 2020
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Dear Community,

I recently purchased the Razer Cysona Lite Keyboard and generelly im very happy - but I have a problem that nobody can solve. I hope you can help.

At first: I haven´t changed the settings at all.

As soon as I'm in the game and press or hold the "Q" and "W" keys simultaneously, I can no longer use the "R" key. If I just hold down another key, it works. If I hold down "Q" and "W" at the same time and press, for example, the space bar, it works without any problems. The "R" writes normally without hanging. Do you know whether the key has a default setting? (For example to change the lighting mode) And how can I solve the problem? It cannot be broken if it functions fundamentally. By the way: if I press "S" and "D" at the same time, for example, the "R" key works normally. I'm desperate. Maybe someone can help? :D

Thanks & Greetings to all,

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