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Profile-Changing Keybinds Unbind When Headphones Power Off - Please Help!

  • 26 May 2022
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Devices - Razer Huntsman Elite, Razer Nari Ultimate

I have the default/game/movie/music EQ profiles bound to separate keys on my keyboard to quickswap between them depending on what I'm doing, and it's never been a problem in the year or so I've had these devices. But now for some reason, when I set the keybinds, they work fine only until I turn my headphones off (or they turn off automatically due to inactivity), in which they unbind themselves and the keys light up red in Synapse. I tried just restarting my PC and reinstalling Synapse (didn't work), I tried making a new ID to see if it was just an issue with the account (also didn't work), also tried saving the profile with active keybinds to on-board storage, which didn't work either. I'm pretty confused and can't find any solutions online for this particular issue. Any ideas or fixes would be greatly appreciated!

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Did you already try to clean re-install the Synapse application? If not yet, proceed by following the steps here. If you're still experiencing the same issue, let me know through PM and provide the current version of the Synapse application installed on your PC.

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