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Razer Blade 15 - fans quiet on AC, constantly spinning when on battery

  • 7 September 2022
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Hi, I have a problem with my Razer Blade 15 Mid-2019 base model (RZ09-03006W92).
I tweaked the laptop a bit (lowered the refresh rate to 60Hz, set max CPU to 95%, disabled hardware acceleration in Windows and Firefox, changed cooling policy to passive) to make it run as quietly as possible. After all that tweaks, I'm pretty satisfied with laptops performance (the fans are quiet most of the time), but only when it is plugged to power. As soon as I unplug the laptop from power and switch to battery, the fans start to spin and keep spinning constantly without ever going silent (when plugged to power, the fans are mostly quiet and spin for ~30s every lets say 10min), also draining the battery a lot.
I cant understand this phenomenon as for me it is usually the other way around - the laptop should get hotter more when on AC than on battery.
I registered some temperature and cpu usage graphs which perfectly illustrate the problem: here are resulting plots with descriptions. They clearly show the strange, constant-temperature characteristic the laptop enters as soon as it is unplugged from AC.

It looks as if the laptop was somehow set to enter fixed-rpm fans spinning mode when on battery. To be clear - the razer synapse system setting is set to Balanced and the Fan Speed mode to Auto.

I would really appreciate any help on that other than full system restart.

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