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Razer Blade Pro 17 2019 RAM Reporting Incorrect Speed / Crashes


I have a pair of Mushkin PC4-2666 2x32gb RAM modules that I have installed in my 2019 model Razer (RZ09-02877E92). I do graphics, CAD, and video work (in addition to gaming), so having more than 16gb is helpful.

With these modules in, the system will often crash (screen will corrupt and the system becomes entirely unresponsive--at least as far as I can tell). I've scanned the memory for errors with the built-in memory checking tool for Windows 10 and no errors have been found.

When looking at the RAM in the BIOS, it's showing as a frequency of 3200, but the chips are clearly labeled as as 2666. I have the latest BIOS installed for the system (1.04 updater ran last week).

I did briefly try one single module, but it still shows as 3200.

With the 16gb RAM modules that came with the system, it runs fine. No crashes and the BIOS correctly reports them at 2667.

It would appear the system is either overclocking the RAM or otherwise incorrectly reading the RAM speed which I feel could be causing the stability issues. But I don't see anyway to affect or change the speed in either Synapse or the BIOS.

Is there any way I can either force or otherwise tell the RAM to run at the correct speed? Any help much appreciated. Thank you!

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