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Razer Kaira for Xbox Mic not working

  • 12 April 2024
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I bought my son the Kaira Pro wireless for Xbox, and it worked perfectly for a few months (not sure exactly how long…3-4 months I’d say). Then one day a couple of weeks ago he said the mic wasn’t working, no one could hear him, but the sound is fine. I played with the settings as much as I could etc, nothing helped. I assumed he’d broken it physically and wasn’t admitting it, or maybe accidentally by sitting on it or something.

So I went and bought him the cheaper, wired Kaira for Xbox as a replacement. We plugged it into the controller today, turned Fortnite on, the sound was coming through perfectly fine, but again, the mic wasn’t working. And this is brand new out the box. So now I’m thinking the first one wasn’t physically damaged, and there’s another issue that is affecting both. 

My son is only 9, so I know he wouldn’t be messing around In the settings etc and changed anything to affect it, so why all of a sudden is the mic not working? Any ideas of what I can try?

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