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Razer Nari Beeping Fix

  • 10 February 2021
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I've noticed many Razer Nari owners, such as myself, had experienced an issue with consistent, random, obnoxious beeping while the headphones are at full battery, close proximity to Bluetooth device, and in good condition.
This fix is entirely conditional and depends on your setup.
The issue I was experiencing was not based on the connection itself, as I had thought originally. It was due to an overcrowding of USB devices on my USB port hub. My connection issue began around the time I plugged my Quest Link into my PC in order to play VR games on my device. Having unplugged the Oculus device I am no longer experiencing the beeping. Anyone else experiencing this issue, make sure your USB port hub is not chock-full of high-power devices, other than the Razer Nari USB stick.

Thanks to Ashley and Victor from the Razer support team for helping me figure this out.

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1 Reply

I get the beeping when playing normal minecraft and I got my razer nari essential yesterday but I think its because of the connection to the adapter Im gonna try unplugging one of my usb drives that Im not using rn