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Razer Nari Headset - Mic Not Working / Audio Fades

  • 16 April 2019
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Hey there!

Right let me explain my story because this is really stressing me out, and I really don't want to have to get a replacement or anything because I don't know whether that will actually work or not. Basically on April 15th, my headset was playing up it was really weird actually when the sound got quiet the audio would just cut out, which made it really hard to talk with people and overall really annoying. So i decided to try and fix this well I must have done something because the microphone no longer worked after trying to fix this, It still picks it up but overall just does not work.

It does not work on my laptop or any other computer which is really annoying, I have no clue on the issue as it is not as if i did anything to break it but yes it is completely broken I can only hear sound the mic has stopped working on all platforms, as well to add sprinkles on top the audio fade in and out still happens. I would really love it if someone could help me with this, thanks so much!

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