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Razer Nari Ultimate battery overcharging

  • 15 September 2019
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Hi there,

Is There any problem of battery overcharging if the headphone was plugged to a USB (with energy) port during a 24 hour period or more?

Ps: there is no info about this issue in the users manual.


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well fortunately overcharging is a bit in the past, though apple products (i.e. ipad, iphone, macs not included) do suffer from an overcharging problem that kills the battery quickly(Samsung gets away with this by exploding batteries). Items like the Nintendo Switch wont suffer from overcharging though, they took into account that the console would be docked and charging for very long periods of time. The lack of information about overcharging on wireless headsets is a good sign though, typically means nobody is having any harsh battery issues with most wireless headsets, but if you're still nervous about it try to make it a habit to charge it right before you go to bed so you wont have to leave it on the charger for 24+ hours.