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Razer Phone 2 - terrible battery life since last update

  • 29 March 2019
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Since the recent update which was 2-3 days ago, my phone started to die approximately 2 times faster.
Before the update, at fully charge I would use phone the whole day (around 4hours of screen usage) and I would still have around 30-40% battery left in the evening. I didn't even have to charge it every day. I was so amazed how long this 4,000mAh battery would last. So convenient.

After the update though, the bubble has burst. First day with new software and my phone dies at 6pm - with the approx. same screen usage. Same story yesterday.

During the night to compare, when I don't use the phone at all, I used to lose like 10% battery life. I used to charge the phone before going to sleep, unplug it for the night and wake up with +/- 90%.
Today I lost 70%. It drained almost all the battery overnight - of course I wasn't using my phone at all. The screen usage is at 6 minutes at the moment and I'm left with 20% - 9:30 am, whereas before it was around 85% at that time during the day.

Before and after update I use the same settings:
- 90Hz screen (although after update it automatically switched to 120Hz and I had to change it back manually)
- Battery saver turned off
- Wifi on all the time
- Location on all the time
- NFC off
- Bluetooth off
- LED light on when screen is on
- I use dedicated charger and cable

Anyone else is having the same trouble? Or is it something wrong with my phone?
Any resolve to this issue? Maybe some other changes were made automatically that I'm missing? Like the change of the screen refresh ratio I mentioned above.

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