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Razer Raiju for PS5

  • 20 March 2022
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Hey guys, is there any chance that Razer create a new Razer Raiju for PS5. I love this controller so much but it sadly doesn’t work with PS5 games as you know. So if you have any information about it please let me know. Thanks and have a nice day!

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4 Replies

I also am very interested in some news on this.
I have a Razer Raiju Tournament Edition 2019 for PS4 and it is by miles the best controller ive ever used. I love the exttra shoulder buttons in the middle and i rely on them heavily for FPS gaming now.
I really hope Razer release a PS5 Raiju before Warzone 2 is out at the end of the year.
The extra shoulder buttons are amazing, love them too.
Bumping this thread incase anyone has any news
bumping the thread