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Razer Ripsaw 1

hello guys, good afternoon, how are you?
My name is Everton and I speak directly from Brazil
My Razer Ripsaw stopped working after updating Windows 10
I sent an email to Razer Brasil but they said that nothing could be done.
I did a test on Windows 7 and it works normally for 30 minutes, then stops working.
I performed a new installation of Windows 10 and the problem persists.
Need help.
In Brazil, this aid was denied by Razer Brasil.

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it's actually sad when you purchased something from them and they gonna leave you behind with some issue... bad support! I have the same issue it work for me all of a sudden but i forgot what did i do before it happend unfortunately i bought a new laptop and I still got the same problem, i hope you have solved this and would love to hear how... thanks in advance!
After many emails to Razer Brazil they asked me to send it for testing, I will wait ...