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Razer Seiren Mini stops working when plugged in

  • 23 February 2024
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When I bought my Razer Seiren Mini and started using it, the light indicator appeared briefly and then turned off when I plugged it in. I initially thought that the cable was defective, but when I replaced it with another cable (not from razer), it worked perfectly fine.

I used the microphone for almost a year for both voice recording and gaming, and continued to work well. However, when I didn’t use it for a few months and then tried to use it again, I experienced  the same issue with the light indicator turning off after showing up briefly as it did with my defective cable from Razer. I was worried and tried using another cable, but the issue persisted.

I checked my settings to see if the microphone was being recognized, but unfortunately, it wasn’t showing up. 

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1 Reply

Hello shizu_takukijiri,

Please try to perform the steps below to isolate the issue with your Razer Seiren Mini microphone:

1. Try plugging the microphone into a different USB port on their computer to see if it's a connection issue. 

2. Check the device manager on their computer to see if the microphone is being recognized. If not, they may need to install drivers for it.

3. Ensure that the microphone is connected directly to a PC USB port and not a USB hub. 4. Right-click on the sound icon on the system tray of your PC and select "Open Sound settings". Set Razer Seiren Mini as the default Input device.

If the same issue persists, please PM me the serial number and proof of our purchase for warranty validation. Save the shareable file via any online drive account listed here. All the best!

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