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Razer Synapse 3 - Kraken Ultimate

  • 16 March 2021
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Hey there.

I have the Kraken Ultimate headset and so I downloaded Synapse 3 to enable the advanced audio features. All was working fine until recently. It doesn't seem to recognize that some games are installed. Some appeared in the audio profile list after running them once, allowing me to choose whether to use stereo, surround, or the advanced THX profiles as it should. I just noticed that 3 games I've played recently aren't showing up in the list and by listening carefully, it sounds like they're coming through stereo channels. I didn't pay nearly $200 for a surround headset to listen to everything in stereo. I hope someone has a fix for this nonsense.

Any others experiencing this issue?

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1 Reply

I can't possibly be the only person experiencing this.