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Razer trinity right click sticks

  • 29 September 2019
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hi all. I've had my trinity for a couple months now and it has just recently started to stick/reclick. It's making it very frustrating trying to hold down and drag the mouse making some game activites near impossible.

I've downloaded synaspse 3 and everything is up to date, any suggestions?

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3 Replies

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It's highly likely a switch issue but PM me the serial number of your mouse so we can look for possible firmware fixes.
The left click is working fine, and the right click is physically working okay. But occasionally while I'm holding right click, it'll lose the signal and let up, sometimes it'll reactive the signal like if i was taping the right click. I've tried other side panels, and it doesn't seem to effect the issue.
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Is it physically stuck and is there a significant difference between the tactile feedback of both left and right mouse buttons? In any case, I highly recommend testing different side-panels combinations PM me if the problem persists so I can help you get this sorted out.