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RazerBlade 15 Advanced 2021 not charging from 230W charger

  • 22 September 2022
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I purchased a RB15 Advanced 2021 RTX3080 QHD (RZ09-036) last year in July for around $3900. A few months ago I noticed while playing a game that it complained that the battery had only 10% left. I thought this was odd as I have it plugged in with the 230W charger constantly, and I also have the Razer Thunderbolt 4 dock plugged in via the TB3 port which supplies 95W. I use the dock primary for the 2 x monitor support. I thought I must have knocked out a power plug or something, so I reseated everything, and the battery started charging again. This happened a few more times, and each time reseating the power cables seemed to fix it. About a month ago however, I noticed the battery had stopped charging at 51%. It didn't go down, but it didn't charge either. I thought it must have been Windows 11, so I did a wipe-and-load back to Windows 10. The battery stayed at 51% - so reloading Windows made no difference. I removed the dock, and the battery started reducing, even though the 230W charger was still plugged in. Windows reported it was 'On battery'. I ended up buying a brand new 230W charger from Razer directly, but unfortunately this made no difference.

I called a few local 'laptop' repair centers and they all wanted me to replace the battery. I didn't really believe it was the battery so I didn't go ahead with any repairs. I didn't want to fork out another $300 for a battery replacement if it wasn't necessary. The battery isn't swollen or anything for a start. I purchased a 100W USB-C charger for it, just to see if any ports would charge the device. On plugging this one in, it didn't charge, but it made the dock jealous, and the dock then started charging again. This is weird I know, but at least I do get a charge now, just not 'performance mode'.

The dock gives enough power to charge the battery and enough power to the device to do normal stuff on the laptop, but not enough power to do anything intensive with, like gaming. Synapse keeps complaining that its not getting enough power as well. I loaded up a graphics intensive game to give the device a good test, and sure enough, the fans started up, and the laptop dropped battery charge by about 10% every 10 minutes, even though the dock was plugged in. So with the issue the laptop has, playing a game for over and hour and a half will deplete the battery, and I will have to stop and shutdown.

Its depressing and upsetting that I paid $3900 for a laptop that has only last just over 1 year, and its not like I am a heavy gamer, or overclock things, and its performance is now reduced to that of my previous 2014 RB17.
As its now out of warranty by 2 months, I really would like to know what I can do about it. Is there a repair center somewhere that can repair Razer products? My concern is that is the charging circuits in the laptop, and a repair will cost a fortune. Or do I just have to accept the fact this laptop is now worthless? Everything I own is Razer and has been that way since 2014.

Anyone's thoughts/ideas would be appreciated!

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Is it because I am in Australia that there is no way I can get this laptop repaired? I've noticed replies to all other messages on this board except this one, so I assume that its because this laptop is now worthless?

If this was a mouse or headset, or keyboard, or anything else apart from a $3900 laptop, I wouldn't really care. But $3900 wasted after only a year hurts.
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Hi mjcouchman,

Please PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and start a case so I can raise your concern to the relevant team. For them to check our options in having your laptop repaired and look if we have accredited repair centers within your region.