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RBS 2018 sudden death after 3 months out of warranty

  • 21 October 2019
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I am so p*ssed. Last year i bought a brand new Razer Blade Stealth 2018 3K Touch Display, 512GB SSD, 16 GB RAM for around 1,7k Euros. It worked fine until today.

I came back home from a 12h shift as allways, and watched some Prime Series.
I turned the RBS off like i do everyday.
I tried to sleep, but couldnt so i came back to my RBS and suddenly it wont turn on anymore

The green LED indicator at the bottom of the shell still luminates in green ( slowly flashing) but EVERYTHING ELSE wont turn on.
No Back Logo turned on
No Fans spinning
No Keyboard lights
No Screen.

When i try to charge it, it looks like it still charges, and it knows when the battery goes down bc the LED will turn red when battery is low ( atleast i think its bc of low battery because i cant see anything on the screen.

I tried to connect it to my TV but nothing.

And before i get the generic "try holding down power for a few seconds, while blablabla" i allready tried that....many times. NOTHING !

So anything i can do now without an ugly expensive repair ( which i wont do )
I dont understand how a (sorry) fucking 2 THOUSAND dollar machine can die so quickly. Like for real even the McDonalds happy meal toys last longer.

I treat my electronic gadgets better than myself and NEVER have i seen anything dying that fast if it wasnt cheap ass quality. OFC my warranty was ended shortly before.

Well. Whatever if i get help or not, this was my first and last razer product.

I am really sad about this bullsh1t.

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Hey there! Thanks for posting your laptop's concern here. Your point is well taken. Have you contacted the Support Team via email, chat or phone recently?