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Speakers (7.1 Surround Sound) - Kraken

  • 10 December 2020
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I have recently a bought a new Razer Kraken Headset, and it did work perfectly on the first day, but in the second, the mic wasnt working anymore, so I saw a video on youtube that showed a guy going to the Managing Devices and deleting some stuff related to the audio controller. So I deleted a Driver called Speakers (7.1 Surround Sound)... Later on my mic was working fine, but not because i deleted those things, because all of them came back when I restarted my laptop, except for the Speakers (7.1 Sorround Sound). I have unstalled and installed again the 7.1 Surround Sound razer app many times but it doesnt work anymore.. In the app, it doesnt show the device option for me to turn on the 7.1 surround sound anymore. How do I fix it ?

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1 Reply

Same issue...any fixes yet?