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Stuck on boot Three Headed Snake (THS) logo screen

  • 17 November 2022
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I have the Razer blade Pro 17” (2017)
No issues until now. Put my laptop to sleep, came back 30 minutes later and it was on the BIOS screen (laptop was hot) wasn’t responding to saving and exit or discard changes. So I had to restart.

Now the laptop is stuck on the boot Three headed snake screen. Not responding to recovery methods.
I have removed the battery, RAM, SSD, HDD and nothing.

Any ideas on how to recover this? Or additional recovery methods/tricks

Thanks in advance!

1 Reply

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If you have another disk I'd try to do a clean Windows 10 install... or you can download Ubuntu or Linux mint, and try to run it from pendrive, then if it boots - check disk(s) smart status.