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Swollen battery?

  • 12 August 2020
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I'm concerned that the battery has swollen. The top of the touchpad has disconnected and there is a noticeable bulge underneath it. Please advise. I am aware of the safety hazard with a swollen battery.

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Yes that is the battery, the battery is located towards the user and under the trackpad area. If your system is under warranty, RazerCare Essential or Elite, or if you got it via an authorized retailer look into warranty RMA or using the extended warranty insurance coverage. You will want to back up everything you may need to a cloud storage, an external drive, or another PC as you will probably not be getting the same device back. Speaking form experience of 5 Razer Blades having the same issues over the past 6 years. Battery swelling for high density batteries is common, you'd have to be very gentle to not jolt the battery in anyway, heat is also an issue that contributes.

If your device isn't under any sort of warranty. There's probably going to be permanent damage to the chassis at this point, the track pad probably won't have the same "feel" and the clicks might also feel different. You will want to consider professional or diy battery replacement immediately before the issue get's worse. When this happens to me I store the laptop in my oven as a safety precaution due to the dangers.