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Synapse 2.0 get me freeze? & bluescreen whit rzudd.sys

  • 16 March 2021
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i have that problem:
when i play (and not when i watch a movie) i get freeze screen
cant do imput or get output
but: voice (like discord) still work,
when i get the freeze i can move the mouse
that appear like evry 2 min and stay freezed for like 2-4 sec
all my temp are low my case its big, and cpu ram gpu are never on top.

now lets talk about synapse 2
i have a Anansi, Nostromo, Naga epic chroma
i saw that, (it never do it before, and do it only whit synapse)
if i try to move the program on the screen (like in a circle) he start to lag (when i stop to move the mouse, i still see the app moving (in laggy way) for like 1-2 sec more

(goggle chrome whit 9 tab open never lag if i move it, the only windows lag when i move it its synapse)

i have already tryed to reinstal winds and nothing change.

now razer synapse give me blue screen "rzudd.sys" error

any kinde of help will be apreciated

obvs sorry for my english :slightly_sad:
thx for your time

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