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system lag when watching videos / obs / photoshop

  • 15 June 2022
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Hey guys,

I just got a razer blade 15 2020 base model recently and have been experiencing issues with system lag... the entire machine lagging.

It's the worst when I use OBS. We just use it for livestreams with screen share, we aren't even playing a game while doing this.

There is a slight cursor lag, and when it gets bad, the entire system seems completely bogged down, clicks are slow to register, everything is slow. It even looks like the peoples mouths no longer match up with the audio of them speaking, however on the recordings it comes out fine.

I've noticed this as well when doing things like watching videos or even just doing simple editing in Photoshop.

I have a small lepow portable monitor that's plugged into a dell USB/monitor hub along with most of my other things like keyboard, mic, webcam, etc. So I'm using just the laptop screen + the one external monitor, both are set to 60hz.

Not really sure where this system lag is coming from. I had a much weaker desktop before this with no issues like this, so I'm guessing its something about my computer specifically or laptops that I'm not understanding.

Any ideas or guidance would be much appreciated, I've been searching around on forums and reddit to find people with similar issues but haven't found anything that's worked for me yet.


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Are you experiencing the same issue even if you connect the charger? Try the steps here and get the BIOS updater here. If that didn't help, PM me the serial number and share a copy of your receipt so I can start a case and forward your concern to the Software Team.

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