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Understanding Nari

Hi there, long post incoming for two reasons : I want to understand Nari's setup for sound and surround, and also I have an issue.

So I recently acquired the Nari headset, with which I am really satisfied.
Except I don't understand a few things that maybe don't help me get the most of it I assume.

First, the surround. Am I correct to set the THX Spatial - Synapse sound device as default to have it activated? I thought this would be implemented by default, but I would understand that Windows works in certain ways, so the output needs to be set on this, along activating THX Spatial Audio in Synapse. So far so good, I can get behind that.

But then, why go through the hassle of having 3 outputs instead of two? Wouldn't having just Game and Chat work that way too? With Game being changed to a surround when the THX option is turned on in Synapse? Or am I missing something, and the Game output is ALWAYS stereo and should be used as such when you don't need/want the surround? Because that seems superfluous to have two sound output for the same practical use, since it's in Synapse that you activate it...

All of that should work fine otherwise, I can work with that. I play on my Blade, the setup switches correctly and I can use the wheel on my headset as intended (brilliant thinking btw, it's really useful and simple to use). So far so good, it's just about understanding the process for surround and its limitations.

But on my desktop, at home, the whole "put your Chat output as your communication device and Game as default output device" does not work for some reason. Although I must mention I use VoiceMod for funs and lolz, I would assume this messes up playback devices. Why? Well, when I setup the Game and Chat, only one of those works. Usually, it's Chat (sometimes Game but you get the idea). And all the playback go through that output. The moment I use my communication output on Chat, the others becomes useless. I can't split communication device and default device for whatever forsaken reason. Only one channel will take the whole output for the whole computer.

From memory, my sound setup is as follows :
- PCIe ASUS Xonar Sound card (for my speakers)
- VoiceMod output
- Nari Chat
- Nari Game
- THX Spatial

Also in the recording tab:
- VoiceMod something
- Razer Seiren
- Razer Nari

While VoiceMod operates on its own with its dedicated channels (because tricking Windows to play your mic into the modifier then send it to the software), I don't see how it would mess up Nari's very own settings. While I don't mind, for some games it's great to be able to switch from one to another with the headset's wheel. Although, I haven't tried yet, but since I don't really use the voice modification, I could set back and remove VoiceMod's channels and see if it affects Nari's channels. I will update on that.

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