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Upgrade Windows 11 Home to Pro version - Blade 18

  • 30 March 2024
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Im trying to upgrade my Windows from Home to Pro version but, after get the original upgrade key from Microsoft retalier, while the progress is in beginning an error pops up telling that I dont have a digital license or valid product key.
Based on that Im wondering if you could help me to install de Windows 11 pro verstion without to format or bring laptop to original parameters, in order to keep save all work that I had to organize a big bunch of professional folders and files.
Thank u very much

6 Replies

I´m having the same problem a new razer blade 16 with windows 11 home, if you go into settings and activation and use the MS store to buy widows 11 pro upgrade the system reboots and than says something went wrong and reverts back to home. I tried downloading windows 11 on a usb and tried to upgrade with same results. I´m don´t want to clean reinstall and put back all my apps and settings.

Dear. I've just solve that issue.


See below my steps:

-bought the Windows version that I wanted, which arrives with the activation key;

- changed my window current key for a generic ones (same version that is running), that I picked up on Microsoft website; shut down my laptop and turned on to inicialize the Window system without activating;

- put the new activation key  in order to swap the older (inactive).

After do all of that, I restarted my laptop and the new version came active automatically.


I hope it help

That’s good news, do you have a link to ms for the generic key?



¿Any problems with Windows 11 PRO ?


Dear, no problem now, everything is ok. The issue occurred in version upgrade only. Tks