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V3 Hypersense crackling/screeching fixed... at the cost of sidetone

  • 24 December 2022
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Hello everyone,

This April, I wrote a post regarding a cracking/screeching sound produced by the Kraken V3 Hypersense, detailing how it sounds, the conditions to when it occurs, and my attempts at fixing it. A mod closed it off without providing any conclusive fixes and that's why I am writing this as a new thread. If you are interested, here is the thread.

As you may have already read from the title, the problem is now fixed with a firmware update BUT at the COST of the sidetone feature. If you do not use or care about this feature, go ahead and download the update. For users of other versions of the Kraken Hypersense (such as the Pro), here is a complete lists of firmware updates so make sure to download the right one.

If you do use and love the sidetone feature like I did, read the following before you make your decision.

Right after my update, I realized a few changes to my sidetone, it is now:
- Very sensitive
- Digital sounding
- Delayed
The whole reason of having a sidetone feature is so that you can have real-time mic monitoring. With this update, it is now ruined. The update is also irreversible given the updater will not do anything if it detects the newest version (do correct me if there are other ways of installing an older firmware version).

Since it now sounds digital and is delayed, I suspect the update disabled the actual hardware feature and replaced it with digital mic monitoring instead. And this leads me to believe the sidetone or the faulty implementation of it was the original cause of the screeches. Not only are the screeching noises now gone, static noises/background buzzing that occur when the mic is being recorded are also gone with this change.

The new sidetone is barely any different from Windows' mic monitoring in the sound settings. It will likely mess you up if you try to speak with it (if it doesn't, you're built different I guess). Depending on what you use your headset mic for, you can choose to update your firmware and sacrifice the sidetone, or you can keep on enduring the screeches. I do not know if the sidetone can be patched with future updates or not, but I'll keep the thread updated if it happens.

tl;dr: Dont care sidetone? Here fix for screech. You do care? Too bad it's crappy now if you choose to update.

5 Replies

Hello! Yesterday I bought headphones Razer Kraken V3, updated the firmware, updated the drivers, reinstalled synapse. But in discord, TeamSpeak and other programs for voice communication, a squeak is still heard. What else can be done?

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Man, I love you! I'm not sure if this has helped yet, but I really hope so. I suffered for almost a year because of this problem in bf2042.
Razer, what's wrong with you? Why is there no notification of available firmware in synapse. It's just ridiculous.
i just updated my headset from the link as it shows my headset driver version was 1012 latest was 1020 i guess
hope this fixes the annoying crackling and screeching sound i dont use the sidetone option all i want is clear and problemless sound on my headset fingers crossed i will update here if my issue fix
Hi guys i cant do this. Firmware updater says Failed to update please reconnect your device and try again.

Hey, do anyone have updates regarding the sidetone issue after the firmware update? Or ways to downgrade the firmware (is it possible that there is a version somewhere between that fixes the crackling sound, but doesn’t mess up the sidetone quality? :D )